Taken from the book THE GO GIVER- written by Bob Burg and John David Mann

The Law Of Value

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment.

Before thinking about profits, first ask yourself, does this serve others? A great business delivers unbelievable value; when you you focus on giving value as a way of life, the money will naturally follow.

The Law Of Compensation

Your Income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

The bigger your impact, the more money you’ll actually earn.

The Law Of Influence

Your Influence is determined by how abundantly you place other peoples interest first.

The best way to build strong relationships is to focus 100% on helping the other person, without keeping track of how much others owe you or how much they gain. When you add value to others freely, people are naturally attracted to you, like you and want you to succeed, and you essentially build an army of personal ambassadors.

The Law Of Authenticity

A picture of me
A picture of me

The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

Every human being craves genuine connections and relationships. Hence, the best gift you can offer someone is your authenticity, simply by being yourself rather than pretending to be someone else. No amount of manipulation skills or techniques can be as effective or valuable as your authenticity and sincerity.

The Law Of Receptivity

The Key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving.

Giving and receiving are 2 sides of the same coin. There can be no act of giving without a concurrent act of receiving, just like how you cannot exhale without inhaling. Practice  receiving–the next time someone pays you a compliment, simply accept it graciously by saying “thank you” with a smile.

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Living Life On Your Own Terms Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These 5 Tips……

In life, a good number of people will always try to tell you to do things their own way because according to them, you are doing everything in the wrong way. If you are the type of person who prefers to do something because you believe you are right or you think it is your life, you can always have the edge over such people. However, if you are the fainthearted type of person, you may find yourself falling into their trap and doing what they are telling you to do. The good news, however, is the fact that you can always learn to live your own life under your terms if you pay close attention to the following tips.

Be Expressive and Careless About What Others Say About You

As simple as this may sound, a majority of people will always find it hard to ignore what their friends tell them. You can, however, avoid such people by primarily focusing on what you want to achieve rather than what your friends think about what you want or what you can’t achieve. When people try to change you, always express what you feel. By doing so, it will be hard for your friends to change you.

Find Your Purpose in Life and Don’t Hold Yourself Back

Have you ever wondered why many people lose track of their dreams and ambitions? It is because they hold themselves back and can’t find a purpose in their own lives. If you want to lead a successful life, always focus on your goals and never hold back on your dreams and aspirations regardless of what people tell you.

Be Self-aware and Responsible

Responsibility is an attribute that can determine how well you are going to live or interact with other people. The moment you become an irresponsible person, the people next to you will always want to take advantage of your weakness. Always be aware of your capability and show responsibility regardless of whether you are with your friends or not.

Stay Away from Toxic People

People who always see the negative side of you will never give you room for growth. Such people will always discourage you from attaining your full potential because they don’t want you to succeed. If you your circle of friends is mainly made of such people, you will never know your full potential. Always avoid such people and replace them with those who believe in you.

Never Give up on Your Goals

The goals you set determine the type of person you are or what you are capable of achieving. If you fail to set your goals, then be sure that you will not be able to know your strengths or weaknesses. No matter how hard your goals may seem to achieve, always remember that you are the one who set them, and hence you are in a position to oversee them to their completion.

To learn more as to how you can live life on your own terms with a business you love, check this out.

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Three Smart Ideas To Turn Your Hustle Into A Career

Three Smart Ideas To Turn Your Hustle Into A Career

Do You Have A Side Hustle That You Enjoy

Many people are enjoying their hobby including cooking sweet delights, music, and much more. More people are making time for the things that they enjoy or expressing their creative talents. Studies have shown that people with a busy schedule need a hobby more than anyone to make time for themselves or to relax. Your hobby gives you inner satisfaction and pleasure with your creative talent. However, what if you want to do more with your hobby? Enjoy the option of turning your hustle into a career and earning a substantial income.

Three Steps For Turning Your Hustle Into A Career

1. Lay A Foundation

You have to put a plan into place before you can get your business ideas off the ground. The Small Business Association recommends mapping out your business goals on a piece of paper. Learn the ins and outs of business including economics. Decide what it will take to sell your products, how many employees you will have, the type of business you will be (i.e. online, land based) or marketing your brand.

2. Put In The Time

Remember, in business if there’s no pain there will be no gain. Avoid burning out, but put enough quality time into your business that you dedicate sufficient hours into making it a success. Your passion has to be in your work, and it will show in the hours you spend perfecting your craft. In fact, your passion for business will determine your success or failure. Decide that you will put in a specific amount of time towards your business each day and stick to your goals.

3. Scale Your Business The Right Way

Give your business an opportunity for proportional growth. Profits and productivity are very important. Start investing slowly and work your way up to major investing as the business expands. Don’t invest all of your revenue or seed money back into the business at one time. Have money set aside for off peak season when business is slow. Your business should always be working towards a scale up goal. Plus, you can always find other sources of income for your business including investing in technology.

It’s never been easier to turn your side hustle into a career with the right preparation, efforts, and financial backing. Learn more about turning your side hustle into a career by researching online today.

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3 Proven Signs That You Are Deeply Unfulfilled In Your Nine To Five

deeply unfufilled in your job

Truth be told, a fair share of folks only goes to their nine to five jobs
because of two reasons. One, they are desperate and need money to pay their
bills and second, because they want to fit in. If you aren’t sure about how
you feel about your nine to five, here are three signs you can look at:

You Don’t Work Overtime

One of the most obvious signs that you are deeply unfulfilled in your job is
ducking overtime. If you love your job, it’s only normal that you’d want to
put in more hours and therefore earn more. But if you find yourself always
waiting for the five o’clock alarm to go off, then you are definitely in
the wrong job and need to get out. Apart from avoiding overtime, you’ll
always be unwilling to carry out tasks out of your job description.

You Hate Mondays with A Passion

If you find yourself always complaining about Mondays, then chances are that
you just don’t like your nine to five. This is simply because if you love
your job, you would always look forward to another productive week at work.
Another one of the signs that you are deeply unfulfilled in your job is when
you’re unwilling to get out of bed especially on the said Mondays. You’ll
also realize that it’s always easier for you to get out of bed when it’s
the weekend, but never on Mondays.

You’re Constantly Irritated at Work

Another one of the most important signs that you are deeply unfulfilled in
your job is when you find yourself constantly irritated. Sometimes you
won’t even know what exactly is irritating you but you’ll always be
irritated nonetheless. From your co-workers all the way to your boss,
you’ll always find something nasty to say about them.

You’ll also find it easier to make friends with other colleagues especially
those who share your exact sentiments. And as such, it wouldn’t be unusual
for you and your like minded colleagues to always huddle up on a Friday
night at a dingy club bad-mouthing the boss or management as a whole.

Final word

If you ever find yourself experiencing any of the above issues, then its
time for you to call it quits. Leaving your nine to five can be a difficult
thing for anyone especially if that’s the only source of income. Therefore,
it would be a good idea for you to draft a working plan before leaving so
that you don’t end up flat footed.

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Looking to Leverage the Online Market? Here’s How You Could!

A picture of a laptop and coffee

Amid the ever-changing landscape of the internet and the increasing takeover of digital marketing as a method of promoting businesses and building communications between companies and potential customers, entrepreneurs are, likewise, making the plunge into the online economy. If you’re looking to leverage the online market, the following are ways to generate passive or residual income on the internet today.


Providing high-quality, informative, and entertaining content is a great way to draw customers to a particular business, but content, itself, can also become a source of passive income as well. Utilizing image and video content hosting sites, like Youtube and Instagram, is often a business in and of itself. These types of websites pay content creators and curators simply for producing content on the respective site. Producing good content isn’t enough, however. That content must be frequently viewed and add some sort of value to the hosting site.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an approach to marketing in which websites and blogs promote particular products or services for other sites, like Amazon or eBay. This often involves embedding certain links, advertisements or other prompts used for user engagement. As more viewers of your website or blog click on these marketing efforts, those sites will pay you, making affiliate marketing an excellent choice if you’re looking to leverage the online market.

Drop Shipping

Simply put, drop shipping is a method of becoming the middleman between customers and the products they buy online. Drop shippers invest in a certain product, then send it out to customers when they make a sale on the internet, pocketing a portion of the profit made from that particular product. While some might make claims that this practice is dead or dying, countless drop shippers beg to differ, raking in nice sums of passive and residual income on a regular basis.


The internet is a vast sea of currency and fresh ways for entrepreneurs and anyone else, for the matter, to make a ton of money if they know how. Generating passive and residual income has never been easier than in the modern, digital age. If you’re looking to leverage the online market, get in on this booming industry now, by implementing any of the techniques mentioned above.

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3 Ways To Deal With Work Related Panic And Anxiety Attack.

Three ways to deal with work stress.

How to deal with anxiety and panic attack while at work? This is a common question people ask because the workplace is just so stressful and unpredictable. After we graduate high school, college and work takes a huge potion of our daily lives away from us. In fact, working alone takes 1/3 out of your life. The work you take on greatly affects your quality of life and unfortunately your job can be tied to your overall happiness and enjoyment in life. Here’s a few tips on how to deal with anxiety and panic attack while at work, hopefully this list will be able to take you to the right direction. 

1. Make realistic deadlines for yourself. 

Unfortunately when a person has anxiety and doesn’t think straight, they will take on a lot of work or projects that doesn’t have a realistic deadline, if you’re boss or supervisor gives you a task that you can’t finish at a certain time, you should ask them for some extra time. You may not be able to do this with every job or project you have but it’ll save you hours from anxiety and stress. Plus if you get the job done well before deadline it’ll make you look great. 

2. Don’t gossip at work. 

Rumors going on at the workplace? Stay out of them. People cat fighting and trying to start rumors about other workers? Don’t add flame to the fire! If you truly want a happy, stress free work environment avoid gossip. If you have any problems with a co worker don’t go ranting to others about it, but instead confront them and work something out with them. Avoid gossiping about others at all times, even if the rumor is true. 

3. Ask for help.

If the work load is too much for you, it’s okay to ask for help from others. Try talking to your boss about how you are feeling and maybe you guys can make a deal or a plan of some sort. 

If you tried all these tips including getting therapy and taking medicine, then its strongly recommended that you change jobs. If someone is physically threatening you at work or stalking you repeatedly, file a police report and switch jobs. 

Do you know anyone who suffers from anxiety in the workplace? Did these tips help you? Tell us in the comment section below and share this article with others who are suffering with the same issues

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Thinking Of Entrepreneurship? Here Is How You Can Turn Your Passion Into Cash

Do you remember your childhood dreams? Perhaps you wanted to be an artist, writer, director and so on. If you’ve already grown up and found yourself in an unfulfilling nine-to-five job, it isn’t too late. You can still turn your passion into cash, as a lucrative and enriching career. Although doing so might seem impossible and countless people will try to hold you back and keep you down, it is completely plausible to turn your passion into cash. The following are the four steps required to pursue your wildest dreams regarding a career and, finally, eventually turn your passion into cash.

1. Aim To Get Better At Your Passion

Nothing comes easily, and expertise in any subject or skill won’t come at all without adequate practice. Time spent honing your skill, relating to any passion you might have, is never time wasted. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about something if you simply lack the skills necessary to execute your passion proficiently and successfully. Becoming a professional in any area is required to establish a passionate career that pays the bills.

2. Identify Your Target Clientele

Successful entrepreneurs learn to identify their targeted audience, or clientele, before chasing any lucrative venture or creative endeavor. While you don’t really have to know everything there is to know about the infographics surrounding your passion’s targeted audience, having some sort of idea of who you are trying to appeal to is an important part of turning your passion into a career. Who will you market yourself to? Who do you wish would buy into your particular brand? These are questions to ask yourself when attempting to identify your potential clientele.

3. Offer Your Service Or The Product For Cheaper 

Beating out competitors is important when turning your passion into a lucrative career. Entrepreneurs know how important keeping up with competing businesses is. Passionate careers are among some of the most competitive job fields out there, today. Everyone is trying to pursue their dreams and reach a point where their passion becomes full-time employment. In order to remain at the top, as the cream of the crop, you must offer your services and products at a cheaper price than anyone else, while not sacrificing any quality of your work.

4. Give More In Value

In addition to offering lower prices at no risk to quality, you should, in fact, increase the value and quality of the products and services you provide customers. Give consumers more bang for their buck, at no additional cost.

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3 Proven Ways To Transition From Corporate To Entrepreneurship

Many individuals in the corporate world are completely satisfied with their day-to-day lives and the tasks they perform. They go into the office, do the work, get the job done, and go home. No fuss about it.

There are others, however, who are in the industry and want to make the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship in search of freedom, financial stability, and a flexible work schedule. However, they are not quite sure how they can do this and where they should even get started.

Before you make the decision to leave your day job, you should understand the proven ways to transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

 1. Focus on a Needed Solution

Most successful entrepreneurs got to be that way because they provided a necessary service or good. They recognize that people have a specific problem or need, and they provide a solution.

When entrepreneurs fail most is when they haven’t fully thought their steps out and start something that is already in place.

Bottom line, find a niche and stand out above all others.

 2. Set Yourself Up with Clear Expectations

Many of the startup businesses that fail do so because entrepreneurs fail to determine how much money they need to make on a quarter-to-quarter basis to be considered successful. They don’t set the right expectations and plan accordingly. Thus, they fail to reach the necessary numbers and the business fails.

3. Be Prepared to Change and Grow Forward

You may have years of experience or specific knowledge from your time in the corporate world, but the transition from corporate to entrepreneurship may not fall in line with everything you’ve once learned.

The first few years are a growing and learning experience that are going to require you to change how you react to certain things and learn new skills. For instance, dealing with clients and contracts, hiring individuals, providing a comprehensive list of services. The things needed from you are endless and you’re going to experience some difficulties along the way.

As long as you are not afraid to change and grow, you should be okay. I have been on this transition journey for the past few months now, using the above three steps,with the help of my awesome mentors; and I have been slowly getting closer to my goals. Remember, being patient is apart of the process.

Click here to watch videos on how you could transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.

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Why? Because You Deserve A Business & A Life That You Love.

A pic of me chilling at one of my favorite spot- at the beach

There are a number of people that are looking to have a better lifestyle as well as doing something that they love. Most people are usually stuck working a full time job that they don’t find very enjoyable. While this may seem like a discouraging situation, there is a solution.

The solution to this dilemma is to start your own business. By staring up a business of your own, you will be a freedom entrepreneur. Since you deserve a business you love you will be able to have a more fulfilling career and lifestyle because you deserve a life that you love.

As a freedom entrepreneur, there are a number of businesses that you can start. They can be home based or with a physical location. Depending on your desired lifestyle, you can start a business online or have one in your local city.

As well as the location of the business that you want to start, you can choose from a variety of fields. Individuals can start a business in writing, web design, photography, accounting and retail. Any one of these businesses can allow you to pursue your passion.

As an entrepreneur you will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to have independence since you deserve a business you love. 

Once you begin running a business as a freedom entrepreneur, you will need to begin marketing it and serving customers. The best way to market a business is to get a website and advertise it. With a website, you will be in position to have a presence on the internet that will make you visible to customers.

You will also want to list your business in a number of directories so that you can be found more easily. With effective marketing, you will be able to promote your business and make it successful since because you deserve a life that you love.

After marketing your website and getting customers, you will begin to provide the products and services that they seek. Over time, you will provide them with satisfaction with your offerings.

This will result in increased revenue, referrals and also steady growth. Since you deserve a business you love, you will be able to experience prosperity. As a result, you will live better since you deserve a life that you love as well.

Starting a business can change your life. A business will allow you to achieve independence as well as autonomy over your lifestyle. You will also be in position to determine your financial destiny as well. If you are looking to get out of working a full time job and begin living the life you want to live, then you will benefit by becoming an entrepreneur.

To learn more about a business that you could love,click here.

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3 Reason Why Entrepreneurs Need Personal Development to Reach Their Full Potential

You might be asking yourself what is personal development and why entrepreneurs need personal development.

Well, personal development is a way of getting in touch with yourself, as well as your subconscious mind, allowing you to succeed at whatever it may be that you are trying to do. You are also creating a reality out of dreams and hopes, which seems to be a struggle for many people.

Personal development is a process that takes a lifetime to master and comes with many struggles along the way but is well worth it once you are able to grasp and create something from what was once just a thought.

When it comes to the world of entrepreneurship, personal development is a major factor in success and it facilitates growth throughout many areas including intellectual, emotional, and spiritual well being. These three key areas are the areas that should gain the most attention when you’re considering methods of personal development. 

On top of connecting with your mind through personal development, it is also very possible that as an entrepreneur, you will grow in maturity, in turn, allowing you to make much more informed decisions in the business world. The increase in maturity and the better business decisions will also create a healthier business itself, one which will not lag behind of the potential it really has.

Any entrepreneur knows that times can get stressful when you are trying to carve your path through life and not follow the norm of what everybody else is doing.

One way to handle the stresses of business is to focus on personal development methods, possibly even taking classes to focus on it. Anybody who focuses on personal development for an extended period of time will begin to notice an improved quality of life and a much happier demeanor about themselves.

With levels of stress reduced, you will also begin to notice that you feel as though you are completing your goals more often and feel like you’re living a much more fulfilling life, let along a happy life.

To answer the question of why entrepreneurs need personal development you have to look at the benefits.

There is an increase in productivity and a healthier life overall. Every entrepreneur should try some form of personal development, whether it’s something small or something very large, everybody has to start somewhere.

Are you going to wait for the “perfect” time, or are you going to begin focusing on personal development methods to help change your life for the better?

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