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Discover How A Millennial On The Corporate Hamster Wheel Used Online Marketing To Create Passive and Residual Income, To Gain A Freedom Lifestyle.

Hi, I am Myschika “mishy” Haywood.

Welcome and thank you for visiting my website……..

I am a zealous 28 years old Online Entrepreneur from the Caribbean destined to live a fulfilled life by giving millions to charity and travelling the world before I die. I was raised in one of Jamaica’s most volatile communities also called the inner city, slumps or ghetto.

Despite my family lacking necessities sometimes, the violence and negativity around us, my awesome mother did a great job raising my two younger siblings and me.Especially without our dads, whom we lost to violence, I am so happy we weren’t a product of our environment. Today we have migrated from that neighborhood and my mother is still a superb woman.

My fun

I live an active lifestyle and I am a big fan of the gym as well as I enjoy participating in 5 kilometers running events for charitable causes. I enjoy hanging out with friends, going to the movies and going on vacations to beautiful hotels, as well as I love going to the beach.

Me- At a 5k event
Me- At a 5k event
My best friend and I chilling on the beach
My best friend and I chilling on the beach

Let’s go back a little

Well….not too far back since I am still quite young. Throughout my schooling and via socialization at church and among families and friends, they had always instilled the idea of getting a “good education”,which meant going to University. And I did go, I was the first from my family to get a first degree (BSc.).

As a result, my mind-set was to go to school- get a degreeaim for a well-paid job -buy a home within two years of working -get married and start a family -then look forward to retirement. Well, its sad to say that only the aim of  getting the degree has materialized so far, after completing University over six years now.  Just to realize that things are not going as I had planned.

My graduation pic..Yes I have lost a lot of weight since
My graduation picture..Yes I have lost a lot of weight since.

Until I got a reprogramming—-Entrepreneurial mind set…

A mind-set shift happened after completing University in 2012, an entrepreneurial shift that is. In the summer of 2014 a co-worker introduced me to network marketing, which was a new concept to me that had my interest. Because  I could see where this marketing model could create  the environment for me to be my own boss and  earn passive and residual incomes. And I loved that idea!

During this time my best friend had recommended a book to me called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki (the first motivational book I have ever read), from which I had drawn the conclusion that trading time for money will not take me where I really want to be.

Since then I have read several motivational and inspirational books and have been in and out of three network marketing companies over the last four years  and have been a big fan of personal development.

Unfortunately I did not do well financially while being a marketer for these companies, why? Because I was not into the cold calling and chasing after people to buy or introduce to the products or services of the businesses, besides, I loved the self-development training I got while being involved, hence why I stuck around so long.

There must be a better way…I  now wanted to be an Entrepreneur. 

By now, I wanted more from life than what my 9-5 (as an Accounts payable) with a fixed compensation package had to offer.  I wanted to set my own work hours, location and not being told how to dress for work. I also wanted  more time to spend with my family and to be able to afford to travel the world and to buy anything my heart desires . But most of all I want to retire my mother before she turns 50 years old. 

Moreover, I am tired of my daily predictable routine-Wake up-battle with traffic to get to work-reach to work- perform the same daily task-battle with traffic to get to get home-go to bed and wake up the next morning to do it all over again. I now wanted to learn more, do more and ultimately GIVE MORE,I  now wanted to be an Entrepreneur.

How I found what I did not know I was looking for…

By this time, I know I wanted to run my own business. The problem was I had no idea what I wanted to do and what that business looked like. Until one day, I checked my Instagram and accepted a follow request from a stranger. I  strolled through his photos and read his Bio and was impressed! He seemed to be a world traveler.  So curiosity led me to click on the link in his Bio and from there I gained access to seven ten minutes workshop videos (one per day) which addressed all my unconscious thoughts of concerns, fears and doubt of being successful.

If you are anything like me, who knows there got to be more to life than just going to work for a company everyday and yearns a more meaningful life. I am going to send you these ten minutes workshop once a day for the next seven days, which is completely free of charges. Just promise me one thing; If you by any chance find value in these workshops, you will share them with those whom you see fit. These videos were done by Stuart and Jay who are now my mentors.

So to be honest, even though I had yearned for financial success and have desired it so badly, deep down I had a fear of realizing it and the videos conquer that.  Without exaggeration, these videos change my thought patterns regarding success and what’s possible for me . It was showing me away of how my goals could be realized sooner than later and this instantly resonated with me.

A great lifestyle business idea

It was a business idea that had met the criteria of what I was looking for, it was highlighting an avenue of how to be my own boss. Plus, I foresee that this could potentially take me to  financial independence, as well as allowing me to help others by showing them how they could better their lives  if they so desire. So of course I was in!

Also, it has the possibility to facilitate the lifestyle I so desire like travelling the world to visit historical sites, experience different cultures, to have different cuisines (yes I am a foodie) and to build a huge charity foundation, to list a few.

So currently I am pursuing a non-traditional career as a Digital Marketer/Online Entrepreneur, one which I am enthused and passionate about because it does not feel like “work”, with the aim of leaving the corporate world very soon.

Signed with love,

Myschika Haywood

Passionate Digital Marketer

Ps. I am so happy I found my passion!  Who knows? May be you could be inspired to take on the journey to a “freedom lifestyle” as well as being able to live a fulfilled and rewarding life,  with the help of these  wonderful people  like I did. Because you, yes you, deserve a  business and life that you love.

Thanks for reading! Your time here is appreciated.