Are we working to live, or we are just living to work?

Are we working to live, or we are just living to work? In many ways, both are true, but my little friend above seems a little bit confused:) You need money to work and short of inheriting a fortune you will need to work to earn money to get by. However, many jobs or careers overdo it and you end up living just to work. In some professions or jobs, when a person is particularly passionate about the career they are in, as many scientists or writers are, this may be okay. However there is much to be said about finding a better balance in your life.

Life Passing You By

It is easy to have your life pass you by when you are spending all of your time chasing money or obsessed with a career. This is often true with jobs that are big money earners; an CEO and CFO of most companies needs to put in a superhuman effort to keep a company headed in the right direction.

Still, there is more to life than work and accumulating possessions. Many people find meaning in their life from spending time with family or pursuing their interests. Work can get in the way of a balanced and interesting life and lead to stress and depression.

Gaining Meaning Through Work

A quality job gives a person a purpose, helps them to dispel energy and frustration, and helps them to develop positive social interactions which can build their character . Work can be interesting and pose a real challenge for a person. There are many positives to working hard and long hours, one of which is being able to better assess your abilities as compared to other employees.

The Reality of the Working World

The reality of the modern world is that if you are not working above and beyond other employees then you can be replaced. The longer you stay in a job the higher your salary is likely to be, moreover there is an added risk that a company can look outside for alternatives. To overcome this risk you will need to work hard and long hours, be awesome at what you do and stay relevant as is evident in many professions.

There is a lot of competition for good paying jobs and you may need to work hard to keep your job and support your family. It is easy to say that you want to spend more time with your family, but in order to support them you will likely need to work hard and long hours.

Finding a Balance

Everybody gets old and many people often regret the time that they spend working at the expense of their family life. Children grow old quickly and it is important to have a work life balance. It is easy to have a lot of regrets in your later years if you miss the time while they are developing and building their personalities.

Time is one thing money can’t buy and if you aren’t enjoying your life because of overworking and work related pressures than you are doing something wrong. If you aren’t spending enough time with your loved ones than you should, revisit your work commitments and see if you need to make some adjustments. Because there is always a better way.

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Passionate Digital Marketer

Free yourself with a freedom lifestyle business- Entrepreneurs 101

What does freedom means to you?

Are you sitting behind a desk right now thinking how did I get here? Where is my life going? Will I ever get to a place where I no longer have to worry about where my monies are going towards? Or are you in the grocery store shopping and adding up the monies in your head as you’re placing items into your cart?

Many of us are tied to our jobs based solely for necessity more than want. We look forward to the weekends only to go to bed Friday night and wake up to Monday morning and wonder where did time go. Days pass us by, weeks start to run into each other and holidays seem to come and go at a blink of an eye. Naturally you start to wonder what life would be like if weren’t subject to working a 40 hour week. Or what life would be like being able to afford anything you want.

Maybe your one who has a boss that’s always micro managing you and you’re wondering what life would be like if you did not have a boss but instead were your own boss? You toss and turn those thoughts in your head until you come to the conclusion maybe one day, or worse that maybe time has come and gone.

So you consciously put the thought in a safe place and continue working out your day on the job. Financial freedom, we’re all striving for it and yet many of us feel as though it’s unattainable. Whether it’s fear of failure or fear of the unknown, it’s enough to continue to tie us to a job we don’t love.

In today’s time however, financial freedom has not only become something realistic but attainable and for people from all walks of the world. You no longer have to be someone who comes from a well to do family to attain financial freedom.

Gone are the traditional days of business, in a world that has become tech-savvy, you can now obtain financial freedom from the comfort of your own home or while you travel. How great would it feel to be your own boss, set your own hours, spend time with your family and best of all travel and take those vacations you’ve always wanted?

Free yourself with a Freedom lifestyle business.

There is an uproar of people breaking away from traditional businesses to follow their own dreams of being independent and free from the workforce. If you’re on board but just aren’t quite sure how and where to start, start with a freedom lifestyle business.

Obtain your goals of becoming financially free while being able to afford anything you want. Freedom lifestyle business is a great way to make a career out of what it is you feel most passionate about. With a freedom lifestyle business there’s less stress and start-up costs.

So the true question to ask yourself is do you want to continue down the never ending path of working for someone, not being able to afford anything you want, not being able to spend quality time with family, or travel whenever you want? Or will you bet on yourself and become your own boss making a career out of what it is you love.

The internet has helped to revolutionized the business world. You can build your business online today, there are numerous resources available to help get you started. Now is your time, what are you waiting for!

To learn how you could start, here is some more information.

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Ps. Hey lovies, so what are your views of freedom? leave your thoughts on the topic below, I welcome it.

How can we live to inspire and motivate and be the best version of ourselves?

Most people would consider their life well-lived if they could leave behind a legacy like those of notable figures like Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. or even JFK. While none of these individuals was perfect, they lived their lives in such a way as to inspire generations coming up behind them.

While you may never be as world-renowned as some of these figures, that doesn’t mean you can’t live your live in such a way as to inspire and motivate others.

Here are 3 ways to live your life in such a way as to provide motivation and inspiration to the world around you.

1. Become the best version of yourself

Do something great

Some of the most inspirational people are far more aware of their own flaws than their strengths. Arrogant people tend to focus more on their strengths than their weaknesses, but in doing so, they fail to actually grow as human beings.

The most inspirational people have setbacks and weaknesses just like everyone else, but the difference is they never stop growing and never stop working on becoming a better person. They never feel like they have “arrived” they always feel there is so much more to do.

2. Taking the high road

If taking the high road were easy, everyone would do it. The truth is, some of the most inspirational people in the world have not only had to overcome enormous adversity, but they have had to forgive incredible wrongs.

From Nelson Mandela forgiving a nation that wrongfully imprisoned him for most of his adult life to Martin Luther King responding in peace to individuals who beat him, imprisoned him and threatened his life on a regular basis.

Inspirational people do the things that the rest of us find most difficult to do. By doing them, they challenge and inspire us to follow suit. By doing so, we in turn become better people. Great people inspire greatness in us.

3. Treat others with kindness

Most of us often feel “less than” in some way to someone else. Whether it’s having less money, not being as pretty or as popular or not as good at our jobs, constantly feeling “less than” can turn us into bitter, angry people. Feeling “less than” someone else can also create a need to make ourselves feel like “more than” someone else.

When someone belittles you at work, making you feel small, it is easy to take that anger and use it to belittle someone else. Doing so makes them feel small, which in turn often makes you feel bigger. Being kind to others means not taking out what is being done to you on others.

The truth is, the world is largely unkind. You can simply become a part of perpetuating it or you can stop it by choosing to be kind. Often by doing so, you in turn motivate others to be kind as well.

Most of life operates in a cycle – one person doing something often creates a cycle of others following suit. When you harass someone, it is often not long before others join you. When you choose to be kind to someone, however, it is often not long before others do the same.

In essence, you have far more power than you think you do to motivate and influence the world around you. The question is, how will you use that power?

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Passionate Digital Marketer

Ps. I would love to hear your response to this question, so feel free to leave your thoughts.

MY RECIPE FOR FINANCIAL SUCCESS -A guide for lost entrepreneurs to get back on track.

My recipe for financial success



I was doing my laundry (not cooking) this morning while listening to an inspirational video by Oprah Winfrey on YouTube, where she was talking about how everything is possible, living in the now and being grateful and so on.

And the thought flashed across my mind of how simply the steps are in achieving financial success and how much we are already aware of them. But yet, still we flipping ignore and procrastinate towards achieving this.

With reference to financial success, I have excluded the likes of winning the lottery or any other monetary games that gives the opportunity for financial gain, or you just being fortunate enough to have someone just hand you a large of money.

Right here, am talking about grand sustainable financial success which includes passive and residual income that could create financial independence and security. Financial success that could have you retiring before that age and living comfortably for the rest of your life.

This blog is written strictly based on my outlook and beliefs without relating to any scientifically research or studies. Hence you may agree or disagree with my views, but feel free to leave your feedback after reading this…Okay:)

Here are the few simply factors we already know that is needed for financial success:

YOU: For you to have that financial success, it needs you to be there…you need to be available emotionally, mentally and preferable in relatively good health. You need to have that physical energy because it can mess with your motivation to go out there and get things done in order to achieve that goal. And what could be in you favor, is if you are a SELF STARTER. If you are that person who is sufficiently motivated or ambitious to work on their own initiative without needing anyone direction.

Once you have you, and you are all intact, it’s time to seek or create or establish that income generating activity. And it’s obvious am not referring to a regular 9-5 job where you are just an employee. Because in my opinion, if I were to stay in my 9-5 with that fixed income and the ever rising expenses due to the lovely inflation, I will never taste much less experience financial independence. My online mentor Les Brown said it just right, your job pays you just enough to return to work.

Today, legitimate and proven avenues are out there to bring forth this possibility of financial independence. You just have to choose an income generating activity that resonates with you, that you are passionate about so it doesn’t feel like work.

Available to our unknown are incredible legit income generating activities today than ever before, possible because of INTERNET. I am so happy this exist so I can share my thoughts with the entire world and take advantage of these income generating activities that I have found.

 Sticking to it; “A quitter never wins, and a winner never quits.”

This recipe could not have been completed without 10 cups each of patience, belief, determination, consistency and persistence. With several teaspoons of support from family and friends, because no matter what,we can’t do it alone.

After gathering all these ingredients (You and that income generating activity), when the outcome of this recipe is fruitful or delicious, always REINVEST. As this brings about growth and expansion and ultimately more financial success if managed properly.

The long and short of this, just know that nothing is impossible. And failure is there to point you in a different direction.

My people, my people! I am not saying anything new here, as I said we already know these ingredients to create this recipe, yet we fail to combine them to achieve financial success.

So, when are you going to finally face your doubts and fear and be brave?

Signed with love,


Passionate Digital Marketer

If you ever feel like being inspired, take a look at this You Tube video of my girl Oprah!